Antigonish Standard Time

So… me Ma is off to a New Zealand winter soon and the rest of us Quons are hanging about here waiting for Spring! and I am on Central European Time ( or on whatever time zone goes right down the middle of the Atlantic ocean more likely). Actually I’m on my usual Antigonish time… Up at 5:30 or so, in bed often before 8 pm. It makes it hard to do nighttime things but it’s my body’s preference to be awake early it seems.

I am enjoying being in Dartmouth, hanging out with my Dad and seeing friends, between bouts of work… getting there slowly… wherever there is… my surgery is looming a few days down the week… I am not anxious about the surgery but because it marks the end of my work on the novel for a while… trying to get through it… but am fearful that I’ve done a crap job that’s my biggest fear in life- that I do my best and it turns out to be crap… it has happened a couple of times with freelance articles I have written… crap is probably too strong a word but, whatever, the work didn’t fit the publication for whatever reason. And stakes are much bigger with a novel!

6 am- breakfast time apparently, under Antigonish Standard Time… banana pancakes here I come!

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