Today I bought organic flour

not for the good of the planet

but because I want pancakes —

pancakes and brownies and

peanut butter cookies — and,

there is not a spoonful of flour

to be had, except for the expensive,

kind-to-the-earth variety.

So with the privilege of a credit card

and money in the bank,

I bought organic flour today.


The whole country is baking bread

as though it will help to stave off

the virus. The whole nation’s rising up

making yeast from potatoes

(which I also bought, and not just

to help the farmers,

who are apparently drowning in them),

The whole world’s starting

sour dough starter, bubbling

almost patriotically on our counters.

but really it’s just a “we’re all in this together” meme

on Facebook,— or even a competition

(best looking, crustiest sour dough loaf!) —

except for those

who can’t afford

flour at $5 a kilo

who can’t afford

Internet, who can’t

afford to be all in this together.


If only our kitchen ferment

bubbled out on to the streets.

If only the whole world would rise up

like a loaf of bread and demand justice

for those whose mouths have not

tasted it their whole lives.

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