Anna Quon is a writer and writing workshop facilitators living in Dartmouth,Nova  Scotia, Canada after a brief stint in Antigonish. Her first novanna by Marvia's sisterel, Migration Songs,  was released by Invisible Publishing in 2009, and her second novel, Low exists in print (thanks same blessed company) from the Spring of 2013. Anna has also self-published a number of small poetry collections as “zines”… please visit the Poetry for Sale page to purchase. Her novels can be purchased or ordered at fine bookstores such as The BookMark on Spring Garden Road, Halifax and online at amazon.ca.

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  1. Hi Anna
    I didn’t have a profile up or anything else on Linked In until now. This, along with Facebook is all new to me! Anyway, you had a writers workshop at Bridgewater, last year I think it was and I really enjoyed it. Tried to get a writing group going here but no luck. However, Beth Munro who you might know as she is a writer regularly has writing classes and a few of us go to each course, so it’s like having our own group. I really enjoyed your workshop and I love writing.
    All the best-
    Enjoy the lovely summer weather
    Janice Kenefick

    • Hi Janice!

      I am terrible with names- glad you remembered mine! and glad you have found a way to keep writing, in a group! It’s fun and it helps. I hope you have a wonderful summer too and thanks for writing! ( to me and in general!)


  2. Anna, I am so excited that you will have another book published and can hardly wait to read. Our book club enjoyed your last book very much!
    Lori Edgar

  3. Anna,
    I also look forward to reading your next novel! I loved Migration Songs as well as the two poetry zines I have read! I consider you one of my mentors. Will Antigonish get to be treated to a writing group led by you?

    • Michelle
      well i hope it will be a good read… have my doubts at times
      I am working on doing some volunteering here in Antigonish- bestway to start with the worskhop end of things i think…
      how are you doing Michelle? I was thinking of both you and Cate today!

  4. Hello,
    I notice you wrote an article on Rehtaeh, several months back. Many did.

    I am just a concerned person (in Canada), but in checking on/off to see how it is progressing re possible charges, it starts to seem as if nothing will come of it.
    I wonder, if you (and others) were to write a “follow up” sort of piece, and as for folks to sign the petition, if it might spur on the authorities.

    It has been rather puzzling, so much evidence, pics, text messages, confessions, etc, yet they took months to even interview accused, and no one has been charged.

    One comes to wonder, WHY?

    It happened in Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. Quite recently this very small town was again in the news, for a first round Hockey Draft Pick. As they have been before.
    It seems to be a serious source for the Hockey / Sports great.

    Is there a lack of investigatory will to pursue charges, possibly to protect the town image as a Sports Powerhouse?

    I do not know Rehtaeh or family. But, the entire situation is most concerning.


    June 27, 2013Updated: June 27, 2013 | 4:11 pm
    ‘It’s about attitude:’ Cole Harbour sure knows how to produce hockey stars

    • The last I have heard is that the minister ordered an inquiry into the police investigation as it says on the top of the first petition you sent a link to. I don’t think the slowness of things is to do with proitecting Cole Harbour. Things happen slowly here in NS and I don’t know if such a process would be faster anywhere else. There has been a lot of movement i think on the part of the community to talk about what’s wrong that would allow young people to standby or actively spread the photos of Rethaeh, and how it came to pass that adults did nothing and that the schools weren’t mroe involved. If i hear more i will let you know..

  5. Thank you. I have been concerned, as it seemed to appear from reports I found in news, the actual review appeared to only invovle the school, and I was disappointed in that. I have found lots on the community discussing such situations, which of course is good. However, I wondered about apparent lack of investigation and charges.

    I know this is technically nothing at all to do with me personally, but somehow it does make me fear for young people/what they will learn from this/what it says about all people/what it says about our laws.

    Since this investigation was apparently ordered, I have seen, in news, three (pretty sure it was three), cases which were similar. Video or pictures were taken. Male (in one case 14), put it on internet/facebook. Male was charged with Child Pornography. I was glad to see these taken seriously.

    However, each time I would search again for any indication same would happen in this case, and could not find any.

    I am greatful to you and other bloggers/writers who discuss this case. It really is a concern to the entire country, or should be.

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