loving the ‘Nish

Between storms… an island of sunshine, flanked on both sides by blustering , spluttering, snow days. A person needs to squeeze such a day like an orange to get every drop of its citrussy goodness. And so I did. Morning swim, in my very own lane; breakfast at the Tall and Small, and a couple good hours of work on the novel; off to the Women’s Resource Centre to eat my lunch with a free cup of coffee; library to make a same day coffee date with a local artist, Gillian McCullough; Friendship corner for tea and a chat; hot chocolate back at the Tall and Small, with Gillian and then another good hour of work. Doesn’t sound like a lot of writing work got done but it’s about as much as I can handle, in one day. I’m beginning to love my downtown Antigonish haunts, feeling good about the work i’m doing when i get out of the house, and into the company of people i’ve been meeting here. I hope i can stay awhile here… looking into co-op and lowcost housing, thinking about future possibilities for further training or work…

if i am meant to stay here i believe good things will come! They already are…

2 thoughts on “loving the ‘Nish

  1. my dear dear Anna… so glad things are going for you… and swimming and walking are natures best…. way of living… i found out.. years ago, and i never looked back… i do zumba, and i am hocked on it… deep water arobics… and cardio kick box.. never thought at my age what i can do… still working.. past retirement… love hearing from you… the very best.. and the days are longer each day.. more light… your friend always annette

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