So… it’s the day before my self-imposed deadline for the first set of revisions for my novel “Low”… and it feels like there’s a magnet buried in my manuscript and the magnet in me is pushing it away for all it’s worth. My aim is to get the chapter breaks done tomorrow. I probably should have been doing them all the way along but my brain was on “Stupid” setting for most of the time. I also realize in my effort to keep my stress to a minimum I have probably glossed over the difficult parts. but I have done the best i could with the brain i have, which reminds me of a marshmallow, really. A friend of mine who has a little girl told me that her brain doesn’t seem to work the same as before she was pregnant… mommy brain, it’s called. I do not have that excuse. My brain doesn’t work for a lot of reasons but I am pretty sure the big one is fear. the farther i push fear away the stupider I get. I guess i just have to hope somehow that it’s not all crap, even though my tired brain is telling me it’s just so much bird poop. Damn.

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