A good day

Yesterday was such a good day. I didn’t get much writing done and was feeling sleepy, but I knew that instead of more coffee or a nap I needed a good walk. So I headed out, up The Heights Road to Xavier, which is where some nice Chinese girls live (I had looked at a room in their place.. I think of them every time I pass their little green bungalow) and kept walking through the subdivision (past a brown house with a huge church decoration and giant candy cane on the front lawn (tried to take a photo but manhandled my cell phone every time)… eventually ending up back on Hawthorne, and explored the convenience store bakery, which smelled scrumptious with iced christmas loaves and cinnamon and ginger… but resisted. I was looking for fruit cake. Made my way back downtown and asked directions to the Canadian Association for Community Living workshop, where people with intellectual disabilities work in social enterprises.It was the last day their bakery was open so I bought a light and a dark fruitcake… and lusted after some trays of squares. Met some of the staff, who seem like wonderful people, warm and friendly, and then off i went to knock on the door of the L’Arche house. It was clean and bright with artwork from the members on the walls and some of their note cards for sale… beautifully designed, and printed at the CACL print shop. I felt really good spending too much money, but it’s Christmas and i intended to buy fruitcake and cards… so there, I did and supported two great organizations….

Things seem to be shutting down for Christmas. The Women’s Resource Centre where I am today at lunch is open the last day before the holidays and won’t open again til January 7. I like to hang out here- free coffee and tea, a microwave to heat up lunch, and free wifi. Kind and interesting women on staff. I feel though like i shouldn’t be here… that I am going to become a bug eventually. Well I hope I will be told in a delicate way if I am overstaying my welcome…I don’t want to become an uncomfortable fixture anywhere, especially just starting out.

The sky is ominously heavy and grey… I will likely take myself back to the library after this and do a little more work on the novel…or maybe I will find my way back to the Opportunity Shop, the post office, the bank, etc. It’s good to be downtown! and then it’s good to go home… feeling good about today…

One thought on “A good day

  1. Sounds like you had a great day Anna. It’s good that you are getting around and are willing to involve yourself in various places/organizations. When you are a people person like you are, you need them around you – and perhaps it will lead you to other things – so never be afraid to just ‘go there and do it’ whatever that is. I hope you continue to have lots of good days, and even better ones. Bye my dear, Love Mum

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