…and another one!

Today was full of stuff… I spent the morning in the St. James United Church Hall helping set up for the community Christmas dinner. Maybe 150 people will show up, for turkey and stuffing and veggies and pie. I met a guy who used to own a frame shop at the Brewery Market and who is now studying fine arts at St FX… and a number of other interesting folk. Apparently at St James, there is a free community meal prepared every Tuesday! Not sure how they manage to do all this every week because setting up today was a big job, but a lot of people are pitching in to help, donating turkeys cooked and carved and lots of other yummy things, or money, or sweat equity.

Left there in time for the Christmas lunch at the Women’s Resource Centre, about a block away. Met some other women who frequent the centre and a couple baby girls of 6 months old… Was served homemade chili and salads and cheese biscuits, yummy desserty things, by the staff, and given a lovely gift of a black and silver cowl and a mug stuffed with chocolates! But the best gift of all… one of the staff there, Cathy, gave me a ride to Sobeys and home with my groceries! She actually lives on my street! So I hope to have her and her man over for tea sometime.

Then I remembered I had forgotten to take posters for a screening of Education Under
Fire (a documentary about the Baha’is in Iran being excluded from universities there) to the Keating Centre at St. FX. I had a pleasant walk around the little brick town that is campus to the massive complex that houses the arena and pool. it took me a little while to find the right bulletin board, with the help of a sweet young woman at the Wellness desk. Thankfully… because everything is so well maintained and sparkling clean at the centre, it almost seems like a crime to put up a poster without permission!

Home to a monkish meal of quinoa, chinese cabbage and adzuki beans and squash… but only the prelude to the leftover timbits and chocolates I was sent home with from the Women’s Resource Centre. Now lying on my office floor, along with all my unmade and unwritten cards. if you don’t hear from me by snail mail this christmas, please know there is a soul of a card with your name on it somewhere in outer space, waiting to be plucked from the ether and affixed to a physical card with your name on it. It exists… but you’ll just have to take that on faith.

5 thoughts on “…and another one!

  1. Sounds like a very satisfying day, in all respects – very full – and it’s lovely that you are beginning to meet such great people! Sounds like you need a ‘monkish’ meal to balance all the other stuff!…..

  2. my dear dear anna.. love to hear from you, and all your adventures. love all the food you prepare, or the one that you receive… and its a small world after all, friends from the fartmers market… back from the hospital, and all those beautiful things, everything decorated… and all the colors, and after all its christmas.. beginning to get the feel of christmas… and what christmas is all about.. jesus being borne, so that we may live.. just a short note now… cause late for supper, gotta eat, a diabetic, shouldnt delay supper… your friend always… red, annnette

    • Annette
      you are sweet… wasn’t a very inspired blog post but it was my day… I am so tired i can barely think… need to soak my feet i think… gla dyou are getting in the christmsa sdpirit. i think it’s a wonderufl time of year, whne you get past the hype…

      take care

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