Antigonish’s Sunday best

Ah! home again, after a Sunday afternoon on the town in Antigonish. Snowy, a little but not so icy as yesterday. Did a little exploring of the campus (came across the chapel and the physical sciences building, each little lane neatly signposted as though it were in a little town of its own). Found my way up 61 steps to the Bloomfield Centre, which is where the art gallery is housed. The girl at the information desk seemed tiny and alone in such a big building, and the art gallery was open but empty when i got there. Aside from the vast and beautiful abstracts by Wayne Boucher and Don Pentz, there was a wall with three doors. One looked like a safe, another seemed to hide an elevator. Very mysterious. I wanted to open those doors but recognized that was not likely a welcome gesture.

Wandered downtown across the snowy river and went to the bank, holding the door for two suspicious looking men who looked at me suspiciously. Nothing came of it, unless perhaps they have robbed my bank account already with some card and pin reader. There was a cigarette butt in the corner and the smell of …something- sewer or subway. Went down the street looking for an open cafe but no luck… stopped in at the 5 and 10 and spent a little money on leggings and a glue stick (they didn’t have a totally flat hair catcher for my totally flat shower drain cover), then headed toward home. At 2:30 pm I was walking by the cinema and looked up at the sign. The Hobbit was showing starting that very minute! Talk about serendipity. I went in, pleasantly surprised by the 7.50 ticket and gritting my teeth at the 3 buck bottle of water which I was dying for. For some reason I found the film quite unengaging until the very end… and of course the scenes with Gollum, in his endearing creepiness. Still it was interesting to see again the landscape of Middle Earth which bears a striking resemblance to the place my mother is going to visit next year!

Walk home was dark but balmy- it’s warming up out there. Made myself some sweet and sour stir fried veggies and heated up the rice and ham. yum yum yum. I have been eating ham for days but am not tired of it. I will be sad when it’s all gone and i think it likely my first days in Antigonish will be ham-flavoured in my memory ! Tomorrow- post office. cafe or library to write. Will bring lunch to the women’s centre likely, unless I come home… though I can make tea there for free! and sit on a couch and talk to Tanya the receptionist, who has been very kind.

Welcome your emails and facebook messages… will try to remember to take pics next time!

Bloggily yours,

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