Antipodal Antigonish

when it finally cooled down...

when it finally cooled down…

I had a chat with my mum in New Zealand today. It was a beautiful morning she said, a little windy. It’s hot as hell here I told her. I could almost feel her gratitude beaming at me through the computer (like the sun… as though we needed more of that), for being somewhere wintery.

Damn it. When I am my mother’s age I won’t have the money to take off to NZ. I’ll be heading north I guess, along with some of my other heat-intoleraant, poorer friends. North meaning, Cape Breton maybe, because North North is expensive too. Though maybe when the ice caps melt and the polar bears disappear, North North might just turn into another suburb of Toronto.

Antigonish is hot. Well everywhere in NS is hot this weekend, but in Antigonish there’s a long, almost treeless stretch of street between me and the air conditioned library. There are also a couple funeral homes on the way and i’m afraid of vultures. It’s too hot to linger on the sidewalk, or a person could be mistaken for carrion and either devoured by a hunchbacked bird or given a decent burial.

It’s too hot to do much except sit still, sleep and mindlessly eat icecream and facebook people who have better, cooler things to do. Like going swimming, or spelunking in ice caves.

I don’t know what a person does to keep cool in Antigonish. I guess if you have a car, you go to the beach. Where I come from the lake is the poor man’s ocean, but in Antigonish there are rivers. I haven’t seen anyone swimming in them. Is it just not done? I so wanted to just go sit in the river this morning on my way to buy a fan at Canadian Tire but i womdered how polluted it might be; and since i am not a kid but a middle aged personage, what would people’s reaction be if I went and sat in the river?

still in Antigonish there is no water shortage that i have heard of. We are not being warned to use less water although of course we should use less, not just now but all the time. still it was nice to run a cool bath and not worry that I’m depriving some young mum of diaper-washing water or worse, Kool-aid making water for her kids, like they might be in Halifax.

The way to keep cool is, I guess, to avoid getting hot. Don’t move around much. Stay out of the sun. Drink lots of water. Same here in Antiognish as everywhere else… I just wish the town would start charging admission to the river so i’d know it was ok to plonk myself down in it.

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