hotter than habaneros

It’s very hot here in Nova Scotia today. If a person has a thick skin or a hot head, i pity them today, because it’s too hot for that. It’s too hot for the news of Trayvon and other outrageous stories from Florida and Texas circulating on the internet. Too hot for anger and tears although there must be plenty a-brewing down there in the hotlands of America.

Something about summer just makes me want to give up. Lie back in a tub of ice and forget about tomorrow. It’s really the news that goes along with summer, the dumbfounding, head-numbing, unfathomable heat of these stories, the outsized, outlandish outerspaciness of the solar flares and super novas of feeling that accompany them.

Some people’s heads are like baked Alaskas. Hot as hell outside, ruthlessly, toothachingly cold inside. I don’t know. Some poeple are crazier than a sack of bats. The hotter it gets the less I understand.

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