blooms are better than bombs

Today there was an article about Invisible Publishing in the Chronicle Herald… my darling publisher without whom I would not have a book out. I can’t say enough good about them…  and I hope you will give some of their titles a try. I still have images of Ian Orti’s “L (and things come apart)” floating in my brain, and taste Stephanie Domet’s “Homing” (which is going to be made into a film) as I’m falling asleep… memorable books from a great publisher.

But the big news is … it’s Spring! And every little blade of grass, still reaching through the topsoil to grasp the sunlight, knows it. Every littl crocus, fat as goldfish, feels it in its roots. And those of us who go crazy for Spring, are bathing in its bliss.

Some people I know who are bipolar find the Spring a difficult time. It might be the sap rising in us or the longer days/shorter nights or the weird temperature fluctuations. To all those bipolar friends out there… hang on tight! It’ll be over soon and Summer will be upon us in all its glory.

But for me, Summer seems to be the difficult time. My last two mental health blips of a serious nature have occurred in the summer.  Maybe it was merely the meds or lack thereof, maybe it was the turning 30, then 40, and maybe it was stress. Which makes me anxious, because tomorrow I start a job placement, and I will be working harder and under more pressure than I have been for several years. Wish me luck! and I’ll wish you a calm   and bloom-filled Spring.

2 thoughts on “blooms are better than bombs

  1. my dear dear anna… i too realize and acknowledge the chronicle herald… as for this time of the year.. many weeks ago, saw… all the flowers starting, and the color was outta sight.
    not to worry about your work replacement… cause i know you can do it… not to get too stressed out… cause things will look after themselves no matter what.. and being home, kinda of makes you have less stress.. so when you go out into the world.. well, it gets stressfull for everyone…. its part of life…
    i too get stressed out, in a young world, where everyone is young and i am old… at work they started everything paperless.. which means all my schedules are on a secure… and also when i call in.. when i visit one of my clients… its all done with numbers on the computer… we all got trained and got paid for doing so.. which was a plus…. its on a secure web site.. so instead of going to halifax its all done on the computer.. therefore a record of my pay.. interesting/// dont you think…
    anyway its a stressfull world, more so today then way back when.. and thats when my stress happens… but i enjoy the challenge.. and my brain, has a capaticiticy of working at two hundred.. unlike others of my age… i have to save face at work, cause most are young.. and i am a so called wiser person… in this young and under understanding.. but then again thats life.. and i am part of this life rather than not, i know the difference at my age.. i will never get old, cause i just wont allow it…
    summer is difficult for me too… i am a spring person, and a fall person, and maybe the around the first snow fall, kinda of person…

    have a glorious day.. and i know you can do it… even in this stressfull life…

    • Thank you Annette!

      well we all get old, if we’re lucky,,, I don’t mind that, if I can keep going. looks like I won’t be able to retire at 65! Anyway it’s great you keep working… I hope you’ll be able to stop when you want!

      Yes it is interesting to get your pay and schedule online… do you like to learn new things? that’s something that keep us young i think!

      well I am still sleepy so might go back to bed… have a wonderful friday!


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