Where I am

my new home

my new home

Saturday…and the sun is shining, though rain was promised for the weekend. I have had an a lot of activity today already… A trip to the farmer’s market, to a yard sale where I bought a solid wood side table which I carried home over my shoulder, laundry, bathroom cleaning, and an unsuccessful nap. I think it is fair that I sit around on my butt for a while, writing about nothing.

It’s a beautiful day and the tree outside my bedroom window has little pale green bouquets of flowers on every branch. The clouds look like clean laundry and the blue sky is just a spotless as a newly washed kitchen floor. I am taking it easy, enjoying my apartment, which feels like it was made for me… even the living room carpet is a peculiar blue that the sea sometimes is, and the rest of the rooms except for the bathroom and kitchen are hardwood, which i love… they remind me of a musical instrument, that the sun plays on. Because i am at the top of a house, and have windows on all sides, I have light all day from some direction. I am so happy to live here… and there is a garden all around the house, woodland violets on one side, bleeding hearts on another… it’s like finding easter eggs, to come across a patch of flowers.

I am working now,for 12 weeks, at the Antigonish County Adult Learning Association… my first choice of organizations to work for here in town, so I am very happy to be a part of it. My hope is that something will happen to allow me to continue there for longer than the 12 weeks. ACALA has a lot to teach me, about digital story making, video editing, tutoring and facilitating, working with others.. and i have some skills they need too, I think and hope!

There is so much more to say but now is not the time for me. I am thankful to have a weekend to get my head in order and rest, clean and putter, wander around outside if I wish… just to feel free. Even though this is the most grown up life I’ve led I still want run around outside in the sun like an untrained puppy and flop down on the grass with my tongue hanging out.

One thought on “Where I am

  1. my dear dear Anna.. you have such a lovely place.. i love that you are upstairs, with all that sunlight…. must be a spectacular view… i too walked outdoors, my day off, and just walking where it would take me… met many friends i havent seen i awhile.. its seems we all had the same thing in mind… hardly any sun, a slight breeze.. and feeling good all over… my favorite time of the year…. started early this am… i too went to the farmers market, where there was a band playing.. loud, good beat.. and a draw.. at the end… didnt win, but someohe came out of the resturant.. had alot of bouqet of flowers, and he gave them out… daisies… this little girl next to me… around 6years old with her dad, had red beautiful hair.. and this man missed her… i got up and gave her my flowers… and her eyes just lite up… and hopefully give them to her mom….. alot of fog here… kinda of like the fog, cause its mysterious… your friend annette… keep that nice smile……

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