Moving Day

It’s my moving day. After a long morning finishing the packing and a trip to the bakery to buy some apple streusel muffins and date cookies for my lovely friend Kathi who is coming up from the South Shore to help me, I am in waiting mode now, flopped on the love seat, conserving energy for the task ahead.

It is also a moving day for another reason. It’s the beginning of Ridvan, the “Most Great Festival” for Baha’is. Ridvan, which means “Paradise”, is a 12-day period commemorating the time during which Baha’u’llah, the prophet founder of the Baha’i Faith, said his goodbyes to his followers in Baghdad and revealed to them that He was the Manifestation of God for this age.

I hope all my Baha’i friends have a very moving first day of Ridvan, as I make my way to my new home closer to the heart of Antigonish.

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