April it is!

And so… it`s April and the sun was singing like Nina Simone today. My book is pushing up through the soil like a crocus, spilling little dirt granules earth worm-wise, and just as blindly. Or rather, I am the blind one because I can`t see how to reorder the chapters. Thinking too much, seeing too little. And tired. it`s all this unsettledness- moving, job hunting, book-finishing- and Spring is king of unsettledness anyway.

There are a few things i need to get done… yes a number of things waiting in the wings. Lots of little baby birds all screeching for attention, blind to everything but their own hunger. Once when I was not very well, a dead tree got cut down in my dad`s backyard and a bird house full of baby woodpeckers came down with it. The mum was killed by the cat as she tried to feed those babies, and I decided it was up to me to keep them alive. I put the bird house up in a tree and fed them raw hamburger, but not often enough, because I was feeble myself and overwhelmed by the responsibility. They died and I remember when i took the roof off the bird house… their little bowed heads, covered with sawdust.

No more. Now it`s just books. Nobody dies if I don`t tend my words for a day.

One thought on “April it is!

  1. well anna, life is to be lived to the fullest.. and an idle mind, etc.. its good to be busy, and you got to set priorities.. which is the most important.. and then down to the others, as times go by… love how you articulate… i too once found a crow.. who was ill, and i tried to help…. but i guess human touch, wasnt a good thing.. but you know one thing about crows.. the whole family was there… aunts cousins, and everybody, including the elderly… so when the crow finally passed… all the crows came down, and then went away… that time i made a funeraly for the crow.. cant remember how old i was, and i wrapped him… and burried him… i got a great respect for crows.. cause they are always there.. and when is sick, or ill… they are always near by… unlike human they are all there to the end… good luck with the book, know you can do it… got to jot down thoughts on paper no matter where you are… then eventually put them all together, then into chapters… your friend annette

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