storm waiting

thunder blizzard!

thunder blizzard!

I know nothing much about this storm. Apparently it is two storms, one boiling up the coast from the New England states and the other barreling across the country from central Canada. Is it the kind of storm that is preceded by the scent of snow? the kind that silences the birds beforehand? it’s certainly a many-storied storm, rumours flying thick before it like wild animals running from a wild-fire. I do not know if it has killed anyone, this two-fisted fighter of a storm, two-headed thunder blizzard. I hope it won’t knock out the power with its massive tail, or bury the streets in whites gobs of spit. if it sheds its skin, as is predicted, I hope it will leave it folded neatly, tucking in the houses like babies in a blanket. There are many horrors but i hope this storm is not one of them.

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