snow day in my octopurse

wearing my octpopurse

wearing my octpopurse

Early morning wake up, breakfast et and embroidering of the octopurse begun again… it will likely be a stay at home day today- very cold and snowy weather to come. I love such a day when there is no pressure to speak of, nothing pressing behind my eyeballs, demanding my attention. It’s a pleasure to mosey through the day, writing, making something, eating, drinking, reading and sleeping, listening to CBC radio… pretty interesting how Halicentric the morning and afternoon shows are… I feel almost indignant about it sometimes, but really I am glad to hear news from home…

it is a strange feeling to be on the outskirts, in a small pond, but also an eye-opening opportunity… the view when you stand on the sidelines is different than when you’re in the centre of the field…

But interesting things happen off the field too. All kinds of little dramas, and things to discover… what to do in Antigonish in the winter for example, something I’ve written an article about for (probably not yet posted)… and things to discover about myself. My thoughts and beliefs, about the world and other people and about myself, have been like a block of granite for so long… trying to chip away at them is not so easy. I’m not trying to make a countertop or a corner-stone.. i want to make something beautiful… out of my own mind… but that might not be so easy.

it’s been a long time since i opened my mind to something new and I’m not sure i even know how to anymore… but they say anyone can learn something, no matter how old you are. I am hoping to learn more about writing as i feel my skills may have deteriorated. I want to learn to crochet flowers. and I want to keep using paint and making little bags like my octopurse. Fun things. i don’t have big ambitions really. I kind of like being in the stands, eating a hotdog and drinking beer, while the game is on.

2 thoughts on “snow day in my octopurse

  1. dear dear Anna… Sounds like you are getting used to being where you are.. and you have given it a chance… i really like what you made ocutompos.. my spelling is not very good… lovely place where you live, and alot going on, if you just look around.. i was out in the snow.. and it wasnt bad as i thought… surpriseing.. and a wind chill of …. and blowing winds.. when i went out… had my long johns, boots, two sweaters, and my nurses top.. glad i had my bag, cause on my way home, i put my sweaters in my bag.. and also my scarf, and my woolen hat… today also supposed to be colder, and a wind chill.. to my surprise it wasnt that bad… didnt have my long johns, but my woolen hat. and scarf…the snow ploughs were very good, and as i write, there putting down salt.. love to hear the way you write, you are very articulate.. and its almost like being there… ta ta for now… your friend annette… red

    • hey annette
      just in from shovelling and no not as bad as i thought either…
      have been having fun with the purses… kept me busy all day today…
      which i needed… being inside alone
      now getting ready because my apt will be shown to potential renters


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