‘Tis a cold one… wind chill of minus 25 apparently, which means it is likely i will not venture outside today… unfortunate because i was up before 4:30 am , raring to go…. I’ve had my banana pancakes and coffee, rubbed my eyes a few times, and am contemplating stepping into my cold shower stall without my fur or feathers… brrrrr…

The other day I got a ride from McDonald’s, where i used my coupon for a Big Mac meal (shame on m,e I know, to Superstore with S., a guy I first met at the set up for the community Christmas dinner. He’s quite deaf, and interested in the arts, and is studying for his M.A. in history at St. FX. it was nice to feel friended, but I suspect it will be more of a “nice to bump into you” kind of friendship than anything else. So it seems to be for me here, so far anyway…

But I think that is because of my reticence rather than any standoffishness on the part of others… though at the age I am, people tend to have partners, families, friends, jobs, homes and cars to take care of, leaving precious little time for new attachments to form. Still i have met many lovely people here and hope to find more like-minded folk in my daily rambles.

Last night I met the Baha’is here at the 19 day feast. The dynamics of a tiny faith community are different than those of a larger one, and definitely worth experiencing. A lackadaisical attitude toward one’s faith will stand out in higher relief here. I feel the need to deepen mine- and I know that as with any creative, imaginative act (of which faith is one, i believe), the blessings for spending time and energy and one’s heart on a practice are returned many times over.

All the best to my online friend and family…

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  1. dear dear anna.. do venture out, regardless of the weather.. in my travels.. things are not the way that was said on the radio… like the other day, had my long johns, warm socks, scarf, hat etc.. well it turned out to be not as i expected, had my jacket open.. took my hat off.. and voila.. glad i was out.. in the new snow.. and it wasnt bad at all.
    as long as you are dressed warm.. its when you go out, and not dressed for it..
    give yourself time, and you will find alot of different and new people in your life..

    enjoy all different kinds of faith, it only makes your faith stronger as a result..

    looking forward to hearing from you..

    your friend, always, annette (red)

  2. hey annette
    i did venture out after all… it’s cold!!!!! but warming up i think.. i made my way to the library to use the comouter as i didn’t bring my laptop this time… it’s a lovely peaceful place this early on a saturday morning… well i think it likely i won’t be out for too long as i don’t want to spend anymore money!! and i am not really with people… just among them… but that’s important too…

    needing a nap soon!
    have a lolvey weekend

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