Sick and happy

Today I am sick with a cold, and strangely content, to be wandering, aimless and unhurried, the halls of my own good pleasure. Without the pressure to produce, I have been more productive, and more engaged in the things I usually do everyday, out of fear of emptiness or fear of poverty or fear of what others might think of me. It has been a good day, but I am coming to the end of it- my infection is burning a red moustache under my nose and making my eyes run and there’s a feeling in my throat that is not yet scratchy but is like being batted by a cat’s paw, claws retracted for now, but not for long, if i don’t pay attention to the fatigue rolling in like fog.

Last night there was a meeting of Sustainable Antigonish– a very orderly and well run meeting during which two artists presented their plea for more infrastructure to support professional artists, emerging and established, here. It was agreed than Antigonish is a small town that “punches above its weight” in cultural terms, and that the health of the cultural sector should warrant a longterm commitment and investment in part because of its importance to a sustainable economy here. It was exciting to hear people’s ideas and daunting to realize how different a world it is from Halifax in terms of the number of opportunities, venues and networks that support the artistic community there. I have chosen to move to a place where there are exciting things happening artistically but much of it is accomplished on a volunteer basis.

Today I woke early and went out into the cold and rosy morning, arriving at the Tall and Small before 8 am for coffee and writing. Then a little shopping for nose rags and soup, and home, before the clouds took over. A day spent lounging, plugged into my computer, napping and playing with the words growing out of my head. A good day.

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