reading is still good for you

aren’t they lovely?

Bizarre as it may sound, I feel like I’ve been soaked in a sudden rain shower in a field with with wooly, windswept Highland cattle grazing around me.  And I just came from taking minutes at a board meeting. I don’t understand how this can be, but I hope it lasts.  Maybe the Abilify is acting benevolent and tonic-like, or maybe I am coming out from under some oppressive astrological influence, or maybe it’s something I ate. Or didn’t eat. Or read… despite what Russell Smith said today in the Glob of Mayo.

I’m too close to the end of my wick to write more but happy to be alive and well and hopeful that I’ll get back to this blog more often… check out Russell and see what you think of his view of fiction… and maybe we’ll be able to have an intelligent conversation about it. Or you will. With someone else.Hopefully I’ll be busy reading in the grass with Highland cattle hair all over me, if I’m lucky.

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