Having fun alone at home

It’s been a while since I wrote here, and I blame it on the bus strike. I and a number of people I know have decided it’s not worth getting our hopes up… the bus strike will go on as long as both sides of the issue dig in their heels. In the meantime,we keep doing what we can, and miss out on the thingts we can’t, and try to enjoy ourselves closer to home. I haven’t felt like writing about the damn bus stirke, so instead I offer a list of ten things a person can do on their own without going far.

1) Order a pizza and eat it in an unusual place- like in the bathtub or  in your neighbour’s car. Remember to clean up!

2) Make chocolate pudding from scratch and finger paint on the windows with it.

3) Recite poetry to the dog. Rate each poem for the number of tail wags or growls it elicits.

4) Memorize the numbers of your credit, debit and library card. This could come in handy, if you lose them.

5) Take an inventory of your canned goods.

6) Sharpen a lot of pencils.

7) Bake something for your neighbour’s cat.

8) Black out the word “and” in every book you own.

9) Put your Christmas decorations up.

10) Take your Christmas decorations down.

Clearly you can add to this list… you  no doubt have your own special ways to amuse yourself at home, and who am I to stop you? if you ever need to talk , there’s always the Metro Transit information line. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, dial up the go time number for your favourite bus stop!

3 thoughts on “Having fun alone at home

  1. Number 8 is my favourite. I’m going to do it.
    My list would include staying up all night and sleeping all day; cook a meal for ten (for myself) and just keep reheating all week (same pot), and doing the yoga lion face 100 times day to see if my eyelid drooping reverses itself.
    I would definitely have to be alone to do these things.

  2. everything all sounds awsome.. imagine if there was no bus strike… well, imagine.. i myself, have been looking inwardly, having plenty or too much time on my hands.. however i am sleeping better, and in a deep sleep.. i also dream and remember my dreams.. something to think about re.my dreams.. and insight as to what i feel, and need to know…. i have decided on many things, like my future.. at first, i was discouraged.. and wanted to give it all up.. later on, i realized its to my advantage, and so i have made plans, and i feel strongly about what i plan to do, maybe in the next six months, regarding my career, and how much time i spend on my work… and to chose more wisely, and have higher standards as regarding to my career… i have had a chance to make my feelings known to my family.. and i let it all hangout… wisely.. aware of there feelings too.. surprised at the outcome.. they all took there turns on the phone, which is unheard of…. i slept well that nite, due to the conversations i would never have had.. due to the bus strike… i am taking time out for me… for once in my life, really havent much choice due to my extra time.. quality time, i always promised my self….. Tv … is the pitts.. and have been reading books i always never had time for… feel good about myself, and my future.. due to inner talkings to myself..


    • Annette
      glad to hear the bus strike has had some positive outcomes for you! i would feel worse if it weren’t for my dad’s car… spending a lot of time driving these days…
      the writing group is cancelled until the end of the strike which is sad..


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