never too rich, too thin or too wordled

I don’t think it’s the Abilify… it might just be too much screen time. The brain tiredness, and headacheiness, and general lethargy could all be linked to my computer. I know I am an addict because even when I know I’m unhappy and uncomfortable, I can’t pull myself away.

That said…

Yesterday I spent much of the afternoon in bed reading Annabelle by Kathleen WInter. It’s one of those novels that is easy, so easy to read and to enjoy. There might be more intellectually challenging novels, but to me there is something incredibly precious about a book that is well written, a great story with great characters, and that you want to take to bed not to put you to sleep but to keep you reading into the wee hours, until your eyes dry out and your lids refuse to open. I so rarely spend time soaking in a novel these days or indeed, since I crossed the wild field of adolescence that it reminds me of childhood, that far away time when books were for devouring by the stack, like pancakes.

If a person wanted to cultivate an addiction, they could do worse than reading novels. They could be enslaved to email. If they’re lucky though, they can have a little of both… all the words they want, on screen and off. He who does not believe in heaven has never taken a novel to bed, or answered their email from his bubble bath.

4 thoughts on “never too rich, too thin or too wordled

  1. My dear Anna…. i love to read… all kinds.. its just like music… depending on what i need or feel, or anything else…. different times, i need loud, music, and when i do this, i do my housework… and its relaxes me…. i also do other people, i work for housework.. there is something to be said, that when i leave, the house is the way i like it, and what my client likes.. after all these years i know what they want… and there is no need to let me know…. however when it comes to my housework, well thats another story.. i waite till time is right, i like a sunny day, and i can breeze through my housework…. trouble is i get runned down, cause i overdo it.. when ever i feel, down, i always turn on the radio.. light classic rock… i sing at times to… that really helps me.. dont care who is listening… i read alot… always did as a child, mom would say its time for bed, turn out the light… and i would have a flashlight, and have the covers over my head, and i would read and read and read.. reading made me happy… i have a thirst for knowledge that i can never satisfy ever.. i guess that is good, cause i am a proud 67 going on 68… dont feel my age… like a day over 30… i have always be overweigt and the doctor calls it obease… nice word… anyway to be active, physically for me i have accepted me for me… it gave me confidence, and i walk .. with confidence.. good posture, where all my life.. i had round shoulders, and bad posture..

    So i would say Anna, love yourself, be good to yourself.. and take things slowly, dont rush things.. and you will be surprise… of what can happen.

    So i say Anna be yourself, do what makes you happy… first.. then do what ever you think best…

    You have a nice smile, nice curly hair…. and a kind heart, What more could a person ask for…..
    Your friend, Red
    Annette DeGruchy

    Ps i say… fat is beautiful…. like me.. fat people have nice faces, where skinny one have ugly face… and not pretty at all.. the only thing they have.. skinny.. nothing much else

    • Annette!
      I figured you were a reader… and you should come to the writing group! you obviously enjoy writing or you wouldn’t spend s lot of time commenting. it’s always nice to get your words
      I’m off to bed. no novel tonight.
      all the best

  2. would like to go one day… i enjoy people besides being a reader.. i am an encyclopedia of … many subjects, besides being the ripe old age of 67 going on 68… God gave me a second chance.. i blew the first half of my life… when i go … it will be like newyears. fireworks, red hair.. jewellery… and no one can say, i didnt care of love them.. that also includes …. my family, sadly to say…. but things could be worse.. ta ta for now.. looking forward to your emails….. Annette DeGruchy Red

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