Hunkering down for the bus strike, So many of us are without resources to get to work, to doctor appointments, to the grocery store. I have already seen the negative impact of the bus strike on the mental health of a friend, and expect to feel it in my pocketbook soon when I and others I work with can’t get to my usual gigs  (writing group and Random Acts of Kindness group) at the Healthy Minds Cooperative, It can’t be good for business that people can’t get to the stores. On the bright side however, maybe there will be fewer kids hanging out at the mall. Maybe they’ll take to the streets and play hockey, walk to school, make friends with their neighbours.

But as usual when an essential service is cut off or denied, it’s the most vulnerable who hurt most– seniors, the working poor, and people with disabilities on fixed incomes, who have no other options. It’s only fair to mention them.because while  the bus strike is an inconvenience to many, to some it is a deprivation that can lead to social isolation, ill health and further impoverishment, May the strike end soon,  and thanks to all the generous souls who are pitching in to help ( Thanks Dad!) .

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