Writing for my mental health

I’ve been writing some… not today but recently. I haven’t had much work but have been devoting some time every morning to writing and it makes me feel peaceful and happy. But i need to get some paying gigs so please keep me in mind. Maybe you’re having a birthday party and want me to come lead a poetry workshop for your guests! or maybe you have a wedding coming up and instead of getting pedicures and up dos, you want to work on your wedding speeches. Well I hope you’ll think of me! I don’t jump out of cakes, juggle or make balloon animals, but I can do something! I’m a mercenary poet.

It’s late. bedtime and dreamtime. I had a strange dream the other night that my friend Chava called me and then fell silent on the phone while i asked questions trying to figure out what was wrong. I woke up in the middle of the dream so never did find out why she wouldn’t say anything. The new med I’m on might make for more vivid dreams… I’m looking forward to more of those!

time for cornflakes. time for bed

One thought on “Writing for my mental health

  1. my dear anna… dont be to hard on yourself… and dreaming is away of communicating… probably that person … was thinking about you, or in her thoughts.. and i think too.. you needed that sleep.. and you were in a deep.. really good sleep..

    you are the only one who knows the answers… life is about lessons learnt.. and its a lifetime… we are always learning.. and that is good..

    \Love to be in one of your writing classes..

    I really admire.. how you write.. and how… your articulate.. thats a gift..

    things happen for a reason… just go with the flow… and everything will go… a ok.

    see ya soon, anna…

    your friend always..

    red… annette

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