CEO for hire

Well the new year has come and most of us want to see improvements over last year. Maybe we want a little less around the middle and a little more in the pocket. Well those are top of my list… but the very tip top of my list is to become a CEO. Because apparently they are the tip of the economic iceberg, and maybe of the evolutionary pyramid too… so skilled and wise as to be almost a different species. And therefore deserving of an outrageous number of shells, trinkets and stock options each hour they sit in their glass walled offices, watching the rest of the folk in their sweaty cubicles.

So today I state my intention to be a CEO, and I look forward  to seeing what comes my way. I’ve got a nice business card and a comfortable chair. Now I want the private island and a trip into outer space… but I’d settle for a private jet and beachfront penthouse. After all a CEO has to start somewhere. . and I’m willing to begin at the bottom of the top.

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