A stay-at-home day

It’s been a lovely kind of day.. the kind of day I think is going to be lonely, unsatisfying and gloomy but which turns out to be just the kind of day I need. Marian and I went to the Dartmouth Market, which was a kind of festive zoo, and I had plans to go to Halifax but decided when I got home with my groceries to have a nap instead. Then made a hard decision to do laundry. Now home with a roast in the oven listening to my beloved CBC, which is my friend through thick and thin.  I guess i didn’t stay home all day but it feels like a day well spent close by, and in, my cozy  nest.

A year ago I was in the Czech Republic at Townshend International School,  where the students were bracing themselves for exams and  I was floating free, without any more obligations and without any real plan. it was a bit of a meancholy time, but a forward looking one… I was getting ready to go to my residency in another town, and to leave behind the friends I’d made in Hluboka. This year is much different… I  feel like I am living in a comfiortable old shoe, like the old lady in the nursery rhyme but without all the children. I love the way it feels to be home. And isn’t that a hallmark of happiness-  one of the great gifts life can give us, along with good health and harmony? Here’s hoping everyone will find and love their home in 2012.

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