Winter (brain)storms

It’s been snowing all day and now the freezing rain is coming down. I’ve spent my precious snow day fretting about my lack of employment, or rather, my lack of a living. Things are coming to a head and I know I need to make find a way to make money, as my old strategy of waiting until something comes my way hasn’t paid off of late.

It occurs to me that I really like thinking about work, trying different jobs and helping other people get where they want to in their work life. I like the idea of helping people find their dream job, or that little part time job that helps them earn just enough to be more comfortable, to worry less. I like the possibility of creating jobs for people with disabilities…and of helping people who want to start their own businesses.

Work has always been important to me and for years I was happiest when I had a job, or when I was freelancing. Now that my energy, stamina and mobility are more limited, I feel my choices are correspondingly more limited. But just like so many others, I still need to pay the bills.

My mental and physical health have to come first, though. Working fulltime has proved difficult in the past so part-time work is what I’m aiming for. Work I can do from home, that involves a certain amount of creativity and challenge, would be amazinq. I burned out of freelance writing, but would still enjoy doing work that involves words and pictures.

I will do my best to keep an open mind and try things that I might have overlooked in the past… and if you have any tips for getting and keeping a job, please let me know! Comb my hair and wipe the spaghetti off my face, check. Anything else?

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