It’s a beautiful sunny day but I feel the cold coming through my bedroom window… my feet are the canaries in the coal mine.. I know I’m going to turn into an anna-shaped block of ice from the feet up if I sit here long enough. Thankfully I bought some knitted slippers from a vendor at the Mental Health Festival of Hope, just have to find them.

I spent all day Tuesday writing a story for the CBC short story contest. It’s the first time I’ve entered and I found it really motivating to be writing it on the very day it was due. Not likely the way to write a winning story but there you are. The women at the poetry group I belong to tolerantly agreed to give me a critique at the 11th hour and it was very helpful! Thanks, poetry girls!

I don’t always feel I need a critique, but I probably always need one more than I know. Usually, I’m pretty certain whether a poem is good or not, finished or not. But fiction is a different matter. Somehow I just don’t have the radar for it.

My hope is that this blog will look and sound better very soon! Please don’t give up on me… and feel free to critique! I’m a big girl, I can take it.

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